Rep Finder Program

TekMark’s Rep Finder program locates and screens potential manufacturer’s representatives, distributors and/or dealers, both domestically and internationally. Although our Rep Finder programs vary in design based on each client’s specific requirements, below is an outline of a common program and the activities typically performed:

  • Initial information review on your products/technology, general strategy and other dynamics that will assist in finding effective, potential representative firms
  • Conducting an initial search that produces multiple potential representative options for each geographic territory
  • Characterization of each representative firm based on size, number of product lines, match/fit with your products (are they already selling other products into your target markets and have established relationships with key potential customers – end users, OEMs, research community, etc.) among other quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Mid-program update meeting – review of potential firms and recommendations for best prospects with the intent to select the top prospects in each territory for further contact
  • Development of a questionnaire/survey for prospective, interested representatives to complete (reviewed with client prior to use)
  • Contacting targeted representatives, reviewing¬†the opportunity, conducting an initial “interview”, and if they indicate an interest, facilitating the completion of the formal questionnaire. Introduction can be as a representative of the client company or in a “blind” fashion where the principal (client) remains confidential during the first round of screening or on a case-by-case basis as needed
  • Final summary of those representatives who have indicated a high level of interest with recommendations for each region. Summary of completed questionnaires and working with client as needed to further facilitate sales agency selection
  • All information including phone interview key points obtained during the process provided to client in comprehensive database and executive presentations

This is a proven process that we have conducted with other technically based companies. Although each program varies in design and cost, this type of program can typically be budgeted for $15-16k US.  It covers four distinct geographic territories in North America, and takes about 8-10 weeks to complete pending availability of sales agency principles. Programs involving global regions cost a little more and programs involving more or less geographic territories are available.