Customer Facing Business Audit

Our Business Audit program provides an objective and fresh perspective on how your existing customer facing activities are performing.  Strengths and areas for improvement are identified and benchmarked against similar technically based companies. Recommendations are made on possible changes (both near and long term) that will enhance your opportunities for increased sales.  This program typically involves:

  • Initial review of client provided info on company background, technologies, products, core-competencies, target markets, successes, failures, etc.
  • Introductory presentation and executive level meeting(s)
  • Individual meetings with management and key personnel within your sales, marketing, customer service, applications engineering and other functional groups that interface with customers
  • A review of critical activities including sales & marketing functions, organizational structure, staffing levels, prospecting activities, customer support infrastructure and overall strategy among other dynamics
  • A summary of recommendations to consider that will provide the foundation for future growth

Depending on the size of your company, the issues involved and client specific requests, our Business Audit programs can typically be completed within one month and costs ~ $10-12k.