“TekMark quickly reviewed our operations, provided
objective and critical feedback, offered market
insight, and recommended valuable strategic growth
initiatives that we will leverage to grow our business.”

Strategic Development

David Wensley, President
TechniQuip Corporation

“TekMark developed new applications and sales
opportunities for our optical metrology technology.
We look forward to our continued relationship
and achieving new growth that TekMark’s
consulting services will provide.”

Erik Jensen, Director of Sales
Corning Tropel Corporation

Optical Metrology New Business Development

“TekMark’s medical device market experience
and application knowledge . . .
enabled us to leverage our existing business
to many new growth opportunities.”

Paul Sumner, Chief Operating Officer
Opto-Line International

Optics for the Medical Device Industry

“TekMark’s . . .ability to engage aerospace industry
decision makers to obtain critical and sensitive market
info will enable us to better evaluate our market opportunities..."

Dr. Jar-Wha Lee, Chairman and Chief Science Officer
Syscom Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials for the Aerospace Market

“TekMark’s experience with the
SBIR community enabled them
to identify interest from the ONR,
Air Force and NASA Langley to further
develop our technology.”

SBIR Support Services

Dr. Yudaya Sivathanu
President, En’Urga Inc.

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