New, advanced materials are a classic example of the proverbial “enabling” technology. Materials that are lighter, stronger, have improved electrical or optical properties, operate reliably in extreme temperatures (hot and cryo); have a lower CTE; offer higher sensitivity; or increased resistance to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, etc. are enabling new products and systems across a broad array of applications and markets.

But developing a new revenue stream with a new material can be extremely challenging.How do you identify, confirm and prioritize which applications and markets will offer the best ROI?Also, in most cases, advanced materials that offer improved performance come with a 2-5x or greater price premium – which applications and markets can justify the price premium and be more likely to test and specify?

If you are experiencing some of these or similar challenges, TekMark can help.  In addition to our services listed below the bullets, some examples of our work with advanced materials have involved the following technologies, products, applications, company types and market segments;

  • Market development and VoC research for lightweight, electrically conductive fiber for the aerospace industry
  • Metal matrix composites with a high modulus, low density and low CTE for high speed automation components in the semiconductor and electronics industries
  • Thermoelectric thin film materials that enable a high ZT figure of merit and effective Seebeck coefficients of 1-2 orders of magnitude greater than existing materials
  • Copolymer for optical components, light sources, head mounted display, and optically based medical instrument OEMs
  • Pressure sensitive paint for aerospace research and airframe testing
  • Thermally rectifying meta material based on nanostructures that achieve bulk thermal rectification due to asymmetry of phonon scattering
  • Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) evaporation materials for the electronics industry
  • Advanced material technologies for SBIR/STTR programs with the DOD, NASA, DOE and NSF
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Materials for Aerospace Market

“TekMark’s . . . ability to engage aerospace industry decision makers to obtain critical and sensitive market info enabled us to better evaluate our market opportunities, close on new sales prospects and make more informed decision making to support our strategic growth goals. ”

Dr. Jar-Wha Lee, Chairman and Chief Science Officer / Syscom Advanced Materials

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Optics & Photonics Market Development

“TekMark’s ability to quickly characterize and evaluate specific niche market segments in the optics & photonics industry and recommend specific application and market opportunities greatly supports our strategies for growth.Their knowledge of and experience with optics applications in the medical instrument, aerospace/defense and other technical markets enabled us to better evaluate and prioritize new opportunities and better match our future investments with the size of the opportunity.Our partnership with TekMark will be extremely valuable as we develop new growth opportunities.”

Takayuki Onogi, Director of Business Development / Mitsui Corporation

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Our services for the Advanced Materials industry include . . .

New Business Development

Business Audit & Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Technical Market Research

SBIR Technology Commercialization

RepFinder & Channel Mgmt

New Product Development

Interim Management