Voice of the Customer (VOC) Data and Strategic Aerospace Market Consulting for Syscom Advanced Materials

TekMark Growth Partners has successfully completed strategic aerospace market analysis for Syscom Advanced Materials’ AmberStrand® brand of conductive fiber.  TekMark identified, characterized and prioritized key decision makers across multiple aerospace market segments, engaged them in in-depth interviews, and obtained sensitive and critical market information to support strategic decision making for Syscom.  

Columbus, OH, USA – October 20, 2017 – TekMark Growth Partners, Ltd., a leading technology, marketing and strategic management consulting firm, was selected to investigate the aerospace market for Syscom’s industry leading AmberStrand® conductive fiber.  AmberStrand® features a number of properties that set it apart from conventional wire. AmberStrand® exhibits the strength, flexibility, and feel of Toyobo’s PBO fiber Zylon® within outer conductive metallizations. AmberStrand® can be used for braided shielding, as a bare wire, or can be coated with an insulated material.  In the aerospace & defense industries, over-braids created with AmberStrand® exhibit performance measures unmatched by standard nickel-copper braids.

TekMark identified high-potential prospects and key opinion leaders across several aerospace primes, avionics and other aerospace and defense market segments and conducted pro-active outreach and highly personalized social networking campaigns.  In-depth interviews were conducted to obtain sensitive and critical market information not generally found in the public domain.  Information obtained, aggregated and analyzed included application requirements, current technology solutions, market/brand awareness, channel dynamics and other market information.  Unbiased and objective “interviews” were conducted with decision makers at Boeing, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, BAE Systems, L-3 Communications, Honeywell Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, and Bombardier among other leading aerospace firms.

Jar-Wha Lee, Syscom’s Chairman and Chief Science Officer commented; “TekMark’s ability to leverage their deep aerospace industry knowledge and quickly engage decision makers to obtain valuable market information will enable us to better evaluate our market opportunities, close on new sales prospects, and make more informed decision making to support our strategic growth goals.”

About Syscom Advanced Materials

Syscom Advanced Materials (www.metalcladfibers.com), an ISO compliant company, was formed to develop, manufacture and market conductive fibers for demanding applications. The company is now a recognized leader for innovative technology and unique, high-performance conductive fibers. Syscom continues to research and develop advanced materials such as Metal Clad Fibers.

Syscom has unique abilities both as a business and within its research & development. Not only does Syscom offer proven, tested, and cutting-edge products of their own, but Syscom also works with numerous companies to find technologically tailored solutions based upon their needs.

About TekMark Growth Partners

TekMark Growth Partners Ltd. (www.tekmarkgp.com) is a leading technology, marketing and strategic management consulting firm.  We help technology and engineered product and service based companies grow with proven processes and programs focused on new business development, new product development, technology commercialization, channel management, technical market research, competitive analysis and overall strategy development.  We work with companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, life sciences, laboratory instrument, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, optics, photonics, nanotechnology, sensor, test & measurement among other technically based markets.

Contact Info 

Roman Martinez, Syscom Advanced Materials, ph 614-487-3626, www.metalcladfibers.com

David Klein, TekMark Growth Partners Ltd., ph 330-285-3446, www.tekmarkgp.com

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