In today’s global industrial, technical and B2B marketplace companies are relying more and more on outside suppliers to provide an ever-increasing array of solutions. This may include unique raw materials, specialized components, machining services, sub-assembly work or other product or service.

Finding the right supplier(s) enables your firm to focus on what you do best and where you can best provide the maximum value to your customer base. Improving your sourcing and procurement capabilities can differentiate you from your competition, thereby increasing your opportunity to increase sales and margins.

TekMark can support you in these efforts by identifying, prioritizing, contacting and qualifying potential suppliers. Our extensive market knowledge, supplier databases and reach across many technology-based markets can quickly help you identify supplier solutions with some examples including:

  • Electronic components and sub-assemblies
  • Electronic manufacturing services – PCBA, box-builds, wiring harness, etc.
  • Optic, photonic & electro-optic components and sub-assemblies
  • Various types of substrates for electronics and optical components
  • Thin film materials & coatings
  • Nanomaterials, technical ceramics, metal-matrix composites, specialized polymers & resins
  • Tightly toleranced swiss machined components and mechanical assemblies
  • Metal additive manufactured components
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