The U.S. Government’s Office of Technology provides funding for new and innovative technology research, development and commercialization through the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.Congress has mandated that each agency set aside a percentage of their budget to fund technology development at small, USA-based firms.Funding is available from NASA, DOD, DOE,NSF, NIH, DHS, the EPA and other government agencies.

In addition, the recently enacted John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act permits SBIR/STTR awardees to use an outside consulting firm of their choosing to provide Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) and allows for an additional $6,500 for Phase I awards and $50,000 for Phase II awards to help improve your chances of commercialization and growing your business.

TekMark has been supporting SBIR firms for 20 years and whether you already participate in SBIR programs or are interested in exploring these funding sources for the first time, TekMark can assist you in the following ways;

  • Establishing contact with key agency program managers who manage programs related to your technology/market and may be interested in funding further development of your technology
  • Guiding you through the proposal solicitation, writing and submittal process
  • Obtaining Voice of the Customer (VoC) data and Letters of Support (LOS) to augment your commercialization plans and improve your chances for an award.
  • Providing comprehensive Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) support including:
    • Providing you with the necessary TABA services documents to include with your proposal submission.
    • Needs assessment for Phase I proposals
    • Information review/gap analysis
    • Market research and needs verification
    • Competitive analysis/SWOT
    • Identifying & securing your “beachhead” customer
    • Prototype and lead user identification/prioritization/management
    • Overall commercialization plan development
    • Developing top level strategy to achieve post Phase II revenue
    • Develop technical marketing material
    • Identify strategic partnerships
    • Market launch strategy
    • Trade show and conference support
    • Further commercial market development during Phase II and afterwards.
  • Writing the commercialization and other sections of Phase I, Phase II and other proposals
  • Researching various markets and applications, estimating commercialization potential, strategy development and other activities necessary to earn a high commercialization score/index and further enhance the successful launch of your new technology
  • I-Corps Program Support – identify key targets and conduct interviews for customer discovery process, development of original/final canvas, business hypothesis, etc.
  • Developing new growth opportunities for your SBIR developed technology across various commercial technical markets such that your organization is less dependent on government funding and becomes more of a self-sustaining and growing commercial firm (ideally, that’s what most government agencies want, except maybe DARPA)
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TABA Support for DOE SBIR Award on Advanced Semiconductor Technology

“TekMark’s successful track record in SBIR/TABA proposal development, uncovering supporting info and crafting an overall commercialization strategy and their experience in the semiconductor industry was critical in 3D Epitaxial winning a Phase II grant.”

Dr. Wiley Kirk, President & CEO / 3D Epitaxial Technologies

Press Release

SBIR Commercialization

“We are extremely excited about our airflow modeling software technology and we look forward to working with TekMark to assist us with technology commercialization efforts.TekMark had successfully completed a project in support of our Phase I program and am confident that their knowledge of and experience in the aerospace industry will enable us to quickly and more effectively develop new commercial business opportunities for ITAC.”

Alan Cain, President / ITAC

Press Release

NASA SBIR Technology Commercialization Success

“Lake Shore Cryotronics, along with guidance and support from TekMark Growth Partners develops new far infrared filters through NASA’s SBIR program. The filters are designed for applications in the far IR to THz wavelength regions starting past 12 um and were specified for use in the Faint Object Infrared Camera (FORCAST), designed for NASA’s SOFIA program.”

From the NASA Spinoff Publication

NASA Spinoff Announcement

SBIR New Funding

“ . . we needed to identify potential funding sources very quickly before the closing of a solicitation.TekMark’s technical background, knowledge of agency research and testing groups, and experience working in the SBIR community enabled them to quickly establish contact with key agency researchers, confirm interest from the ONR, Air Force and NASA Langley and opened up new opportunities for us to develop our technology.”

Dr. Yudaya Sivanthanu, President / En'Urga Inc.

Press Release

We provide SBIR/STTR proposal support & technology commercialization services for technologies, products, applications and growth opportunities in the following industries . . .

Advanced Materials

Aerospace & Defense

Industrial & Process

Medical Devices

Optics & Photonics


Semicon & Electronics

Sensors + Industrial IoT

Test & Measurement