TekMark Growth Partners Provides SBIR & TABA Support Services to 3D Epitaxial Technologies’ Phase II Award with the DOE for Advanced Semiconductor Processing

TekMark Growth Partners Ltd. provided SBIR & TABA related technology commercialization support involving market exploration, customer discovery, value proposition, financial statements among other advisory services that enhanced 3D Epitaxial’s commercialization strategy and secured a Phase II SBIR award from the Department of Energy.

Richardson, TX USA – January 3, 2023 – TekMark Growth Partners, Ltd., a leading SBIR technology commercialization, technical and business assistance (TABA), marketing and strategic management consulting firm provided 3D Epitaxial with support and advisory services that helped them win a Phase II SBIR award from the Department of Energy (DOE): “Atomically Precise Manipulation of Silicon Properties: Material Modifications that Enhance Performance and Manufacture of Energy Conversion Devices”.

Dr. Wiley Kirk, 3D Epitaxial’s President & CEO commented “the requirements for a successful Phase II proposal are very involved and I felt it necessary to use an experienced SBIR consulting and support services firm such as TekMark to guide us and enhance our chances for an award.  TekMark’s experience in SBIR proposal development, uncovering supporting information and crafting an overall commercialization strategy combined with their knowledge of and experience in the semiconductor processing industry was critical in 3D Epitaxial being awarded a Phase II grant.”

DOE Review 1’s comments on the proposal included; “The company presents a very comprehensive market analysis with potential opportunities and market dynamics. Although the company has limited resources, the amount of data and the well thought out market pathway and strategy are noteworthy. Challenges and opportunities are put into perspective with a fair chance of success. No major concerns are noted by this reviewer.”

This grant will enable 3D Epitaxial to further develop their atomically precise, molecular beam epitaxy deposition technology to produce a new generation of high-performance, semiconductor-metal quantum heterostructure electronic devices.

3D Epitaxial has partnered with TekMark to provide technical and business assistance (TABA) throughout their Phase II program to establish a “beachhead” customer and develop application/market(s) that will further enhance their ability to commercialize their technology and generate post Phase II revenue.  TekMark has provided SBIR services for over 15 years, and more recently TABA related services since the recently enacted John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act, for firms applying for grants from the DOE, NASA, the NSF, the NIH, DARPA and the DOD.

About 3D Epitaxial Technologies LLC

3D Epitaxial Technologies (3DET) is developing technologies that will improve the quality of interfaces between metals and semiconductors using atomic precision methods and will reduce energy loss mechanisms that enable three-dimensional stacking in microelectronic devices.   Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we are conveniently located near Texas Instruments and its headquarters, Raytheon Technologies, Qorvo Inc., Intelligent Epitaxy Technology, Inc. (IntelliEPI), Zyvex Labs, Fujitsu, Honeywell, among other leaders in advanced electronics.

About TekMark Growth Partners Ltd.

TekMark Growth Partners Ltd. (www.tekmarkgp.com) is a leading SBIR, TABA, technology commercialization, marketing, strategic management consulting and M&A advisory firm.  For our SBIR clients we; secure Letters of Support (LOS); obtain Voice of the Customer (VoC) data; critique and /or write proposals and conduct market research to support; and partner together with you to provide TABA services and develop long term technology commercialization strategies.  We help technology and engineered product and service-based companies grow with proven processes and programs focused on new business/new product development, technical research, competitive analysis and strategy development.  Our technical experience in the semiconductor, electronics, optics & photonics, nano-technology, advanced materials, aerospace, sensor, test & measurement, medical device, scientific instrument among other technically based markets enables our clients to quickly and effectively find, confirm and develop new growth opportunities.

Contact Info:   David Klein, TekMark Growth Partners Ltd., davidk@tekmarkgp.com

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