TekMark has deep experience in the Aerospace and Defense industry dating back to the 1980s.  This includes direct and consulting experience in most segments including; commercial airframe manufacturers; military prime contractors and tier I & II suppliers; avionics; satellite & astronomy; UAVs; C4ISR; and aerospace related SBIR/STTR programs with the DOD, DARPA and NASA.

In addition to our services listed below the bullets, some examples of our work in the aerospace industry have involved the following technologies, products, applications, company types and market segments;

  • Market characterization and business case for fiber optic sensors for structural health monitoring of airframe and engine systems
  • Qualitative research and tactical business developmentfor an X-band weather surveillance, phased-array and portable Doppler radar platform for defense agencies and military primes
  • Processing and metrology systems for space based optics including cubesats, communications satellites and similar
  • Market research, competitive analysis, technology commercialization and strategy development for machine learning based navigation software platforms targeted for traditional aviation, Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and air-taxi segments.
  • Electronics and EMS firms for Hi-Rel applications including aerospace
  • New business development in avionics for a lightweight, conductive wiring alternative to copper
  • Additive manufacturing of lightweight alloys for propulsion and cubesat components
  • Pressure sensitive paint system for airframe manufacturers
  • Far infrared (> 12 µm) optics for space and terrestrial based astronomy instruments
  • Technology commercialization for turbulent/laminar airflow modelling software
  • High pressure mechanical and fluid power components for aerospace & defense hydraulic systems (B1 Bomber, M1 Abrams Tank, etc.)
  • SBIR support services for jet engine emission tomography system
  • Optical components for night vision goggles
  • Laser module for various aerospace sub-systems
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Materials for Aerospace Market

“TekMark’s . . . ability to engage aerospace industry decision makers to obtain critical and sensitive market info enabled us to better evaluate our market opportunities, close on new sales prospects and make more informed decision making to support our strategic growth goals. ”

Dr. Jar-Wha Lee, Chairman and Chief Science Officer / Syscom Advanced Materials

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Sensors for Aerospace Market

“Working with TekMark was critical for us to grow our pressure and temperature sensitive paint system business across commercial, military and University aerospace research markets.”

Larry Goss, President / ISSI

Our services for the Aerospace & Defense Industry include . . .

New Business Development

Business Audit & Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Technical Market Research

SBIR Technology Commercialization

RepFinder & Channel Mgmt

New Product Development

Interim Management