TechniQuip Corporation Retains TekMark Growth Partners for Ongoing Strategy Development Services

TekMark Growth Partners has successfully completed an initial business audit and strategic development consulting program with TechniQuip Corporation. TekMark analyzed the current business, reviewed the competition, investigated multiple markets and developed and advised TechniQuip on potential new strategic initiatives that will help them generate new growth opportunities.

Pleasanton, CA, USA – November 10, 2017 – TekMark Growth Partners, Ltd., a leading technology, marketing and strategic management consulting firm, was selected to provide strategic growth advisory services for TechniQuip’s industry leading precision engineered lighting solutions. TekMark analyzed current business operations, sales trends, profit levels, product mix among other business and customer facing activities.

TekMark performed elements of a traditional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis to validate areas to expand on and identify opportunities for growth. This information was summarized, reviewed with TechniQuip’s management team and then matched against market dynamics across a wide variety of end user and OEM customer types resulting in new strategic and operational initiatives that would enhance TechniQuip’s opportunities for long term growth.

David Klein, TekMark’s lead consultant on the program commented “TechniQuip had already established a strong market position with quality products and great customer service that translated into a profitable and growing business. Management was interested in accelerating their growth and simultaneously determining which technologies, which products, which markets and what customer types to focus on to propel their growth over the next 5-10 years. Because TechniQuip’s management’s valued an outside, unbiased critique of their business, they are now in a much better position to make informed strategic decisions.”

David Wensley, TechniQuip’s President added “Our business was strong and growing but I was looking for some out-of-the box, unbiased and objective ideas and strategic elements that could provide stronger and more profitable growth over the long term. TekMark’s technical and business knowledge from working with companies similar to ours enabled them to quickly grasp our engineered lighting technologies. Their experience in our markets and working with technical decision makers enabled them to offer market insight and recommend valuable strategic growth initiatives that we will leverage to grow our business. I look forward to working with TekMark to further refine our strategic initiatives and generate near term opportunities for growth”.

About TechniQuip Corporation

TechniQuip has been providing medical and industrial customers with reliable and cost‐effective lighting and vision related products for over 40 years. Our products include traditional and LED ring lighting, light engines and illuminators, fiber optic based lighting among other engineered lighting solutions. We are committed to being a leading manufacturer of the latest technologies needed to increase the productivity of people working in medicine, manufacturing, quality control, and product development environments.

About TekMark Growth Partners

TekMark Growth Partners Ltd. ( is a leading technology, marketing and strategic management consulting firm. We help technology and engineered product and service based companies grow with proven processes and programs focused on new business development, new product development, technology commercialization, channel management, technical market research, competitive analysis and overall strategy development. We work with companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, life sciences, laboratory instrument, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, optics, photonics, nanotechnology, sensor, test & measurement among other technically based markets.

Contact Info

David Wensley, President, TechniQuip Corp., ph 925-251-9030,
David Klein, TekMark Growth Partners Ltd., ph 330-285-3446,

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