S&R Optic GmbH, http://www.sr-optic.com, has opened an office in North America to support their expanding customer base for their industry leading mica wave plates and other advanced optical components for industry and research.

S&R Optic is a global leader in the design, development and supply of advanced, high performance mica wave plates. Using the highest grade muscovite mica and a unique cleaving process, S&R Optic’s wave plates have the highest purity, surface quality, homogeneity and transmission in the industry. Mica wave plates are commonly used in microscopy, spectroscopy, interferometry and digital imaging for analytical and metrology applications in the biomedical, semiconductor, astronomy, aerospace and laser OEM markets.

David Klein, S&R Optic’s Director of North American Operations commented “the analytical and biomedical instrumentation market is highly dynamic and growing in North America. S&R Optic is uniquely positioned with industry leading mica wave plate technology and excellent customer support that enable our OEM and research customers to enhance their instrument performance and differentiate themselves from their competition. We look forward to expanding the use of our mica wave plates directly and through key business partnerships.”

S&R Optic’s mica wave plates are available in ranges of 400 – 2,000 nm. S&R Optic also provides UV-V-NIR quartz wave plates ranging from 193 – 2,000 nm, crystal optical flats, polarizing filters and rotators among other polarization and optical components.

About S&R Optic    

S&R Optic is a privately held global supplier of advanced optics for scientific research, OEM and end user applications in the biomedical, life-science, aerospace, astronomy, imaging, analytical instrument and precision industrial markets. Innovative optic components made from mica, quartz, calcite, CaF2, MgF2 and others are developed by a staff of highly qualified crystal optic experts who focus on precision, repeatability and flexibility that enables our customers to improve the performance of their systems and processes. See http://www.sr-optic.com