TekMark works with sellers and buyers of lower and middle market organizations who manufacture engineered & technology-based products and systems. Many involve family-run businesses, privately owned partnerships and similar. TekMark Growth Partners supports our clients by;

Sell Side Advisory Services

We provide full service sell-side advisory services and also provide a very popular but less involved “finders” service that is an economical but effective alternative for smaller firms looking for potential buyers.  Typical activities include;

  • Reviewing client business operations and developing marketing literature/offering memorandum that will attract potential buyers
  • Based on your business model; technologies, IP and product portfolio; successful applications; established markets; existing customer base, etc. develop a database of potential buyers that would most likely have a higher level of interest from a strategic fit perspective, thereby enhancing your chances for receiving multiple offers at a higher average offer price
  • Contacting potential buyers, cultivating and confirming interest, executing NDAs, sending Offering Document, arrange for management meetings and orchestrating the receipt of Letters of Intent (LOI) from multiple interested buyers
  • Recommend offer(s) to consider based on your sell requirements and on the corporation’s history of prior acquisition activity and deals completed
  • As needed, supporting the acquisition and negotiating process and working with the clients’ attorney(s) and financial staff/advisors until closing

Industry Mapping & Commercial Due Diligence Services

Industry mapping involves top level, macro market research to confirm global market size, global growth prospects and geographic distribution of the market.  The majority of leading suppliers is identified to confirm industry fragmentation or concentration of suppliers providing you with the number of potential platform acquisitions and follow on bolt-on possible acquistions.  This provides you with the confidence that a niche technical market is fragmented enough to offer many target prospects and is large enough for sustained growth.

Our CDD services include; quantitative macro market research; specific niche market analysis not found in “boilerplate” off-the-shelf research reports; competitive SWOT analysis; Voice of the Customer, Key Opinion Leader and competitive interview qualitative data to obtain critical and sensitive information not found in the public domain. All information is synthesized and summarized into a cohesive executive-level presentation that supports major market dynamics/themes and can be completed in a short period of time typical from submitting a Letter of Intent and exclusivity expiring.  We have conducted research for opportunities across a multiple technical markets including the; aerospace/defense, optics & photonics, electronics, semiconductor, medical devices & instruments, analytical instruments/T&M, sensor, advanced materials, IIoT, manufacturing and industrial among others.  See our additional research services on our Technical Market Research page.

Buy Side Advisory Services

  • As necessary, developing an overall M&A strategy that supports the company’s overall long term goals from strategic, financial, competitive and operational perspectives
  • Developing acquisition criteria, creating a potential and “fresh” acquisition database from current market sources, conducting candidate profiles and identifying/screening for optimal potential candidates
  • Initiating the introduction process either up-front or in a blind (confidential) manner, identifying potential candidates and facilitating increased deal flow opportunities
  • Evaluating candidate’s key business drivers, profitability levels and areas of risk (by market, product, application, customer, etc.) among other key business characteristics within an overall due diligence effort
  • Identifying the seller’s motivations for selling, requirements in a potential sale, any deal breakers, etc. thereby enhancing your potential for a successful acquisition
  • Assessing overall value and acquisition offer range based on market dynamics and strategic fit

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Acquisition Due Diligence

“Information and recommendations obtained from TekMark’s acquisition due-diligence and business development services were instrumental in our decision to acquire Cardinal Pump’s high voltage circuit breaker service business. TekMark identified and prioritized which electric utilities to contact for our new service offerings, thereby enhancing our ability to grow the business from day one of the acquisition.”

Jack Harley, CEO / First Power Group LLC

We provide M&A advisory, new business development, strategic consulting and support services for technologies, products, applications and growth opportunities in the following industries . . .

Advanced Materials

Aerospace & Defense

Industrial & Process

Medical Devices

Optics & Photonics


Semicon & Electronics

Sensors + Industrial IoT

Test & Measurement