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Technical Marketing Tools

Application Notes

Application notes are an excellent sales & marketing tool that can be used to educate existing and prospective customers on the successful use of your product(s) and at the same time convey proven performance and reliability. The greater use of application notes will establish you as a leader in your industry that others look to for references and advice.

TekMark can develop a single or series of applications notes based on the successful installation(s) of your products and systems. We contact existing users currently using your products, interview them to identify those that are open to being profiled as a satisfied user, willing to share pertinent application information and will approve the publishing of an application note.

We then conduct in-depth interview(s) with the customer and write a 1-2 page application note. Information obtained will be based on the willingness of the end user to share their experiences with the intent to describe the before/after scenario, comment on performance, yield, safety or other measurable improvements and other advantages when using your products.

The preference will be to include the end users' name/company name as that lends more credibility. Also, as necessary, TekMark can perform brief application/market research as needed to augment the customer experience with pertinent industry information such as standards, industry norms, regulations, etc. to further enhance the application note and demonstrate industry leadership.

Success Stories

A success story is similar to an application note as described above but enhanced with more information and expanded to be used as an article in trade publications. More information on; industry historical perspective; application specifics; product performance, features and benefits; comparison to alternate solutions; multiple satisfied customers profiled; industry standards; and other relevant data to enhance the article is included.

TekMark can hand off the story to one of your staff to submit to various industry trade publications or as needed, recommend and develop a list of appropriate publications to consider. We can then discuss with the editors to increase your chances of being published in an upcoming issue along with possible free placement of any new product listings or press releases.

Total Cost of Ownership

Your level of success in marketing technical products to technical decision-makers significantly depends on those ever popular three words - your "total value proposition". Product positioning or an overall strategy based on superior value, or performance vs. cost benefit, over the total life of your product or service commonly uses a tool referred to as the total Cost of Ownership (CoO). Total CoO considers not only the initial price of your product or service but also includes performance advantages, ease of installation, product reliability, service required, ease of maintenance, etc.

TekMark can develop a total CoO marketing strategy for you based on various evaluation tools such as performance vs. cost matrices, mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), mean-time-between-planned maintenance (MTBPM), mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) among others. This strategy can be extremely effective in differentiating you from your competition, while at the same time, diffusing the lowest-price purchase scenario and improving your margin.