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We strongly believe in the "plan your work and work your plan" philosophy. A strategic plan communicates a consistent and clear message to your employees, customers, potential customers, and channel partners. The plan will guide your day-to-day activities, measure your progress against initial goals and bring your organization's goals into focus.

The process to develop a strategic plan is as equally important as the plan itself. A formal planning process (regardless of your size) encourages your team to communicate regularly about common challenges from a variety of perspectives with the common goal of growing the business.

Many companies that don't plan find themselves in constant "firefighter" mode. They react to the loudest "scream" on any given day, constantly put out fires and jump erratically from one initiative to another.

TekMark can guide your organization through a planning process to develop a more focused, cohesive, pro-active and results oriented team. We design and facilitate strategic planning sessions, work with your organization to develop long range goals, market penetration strategies and implementation plans. We can take a "back seat" by acting as an advisor or be a more involved change agent working jointly to enable organizational growth.

We address many common business planning and strategic marketing issues including:

  • What are your market drivers & dynamics, both business and technical?
  • What is the "Customer Buy Decision"?
  • How are your markets changing and what future opportunities could evolve?
  • Company and product positioning - What is your value proposition?
  • Stakeholder and technical market research - data driven decision making
  • Who should you say "NO Thank You" to?
  • SWOT analysis & competitive positioning
  • Prioritization, milestone development & implementation
  • Development of action items, benchmarking tools and measurement and compensation systems that align and reward individual performance with organizational goals
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC), Six Sigma practices . . . . . and many more . . .

Supported by timely and accurate market information, business planning and effective implementation of your plan are fundamental to effective growth management. It will enable your organization to make challenging decisions with confidence. You will take control of your future and increase your chances for increased growth and profitability.