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Channel Management

Whether you go to market through direct sales personnel, manufacturers' representatives, distributors, systems integrators, or a combination, effective channel management is necessary to realize the goals of your sales & marketing programs and overall business plan. TekMark's channel management service encompasses five main areas:

  • Establishing potential agency selection requirements to identify, screen and prioritize potential representative & distributor organizations
  • Developing performance goals (incentive packages for direct employees or contract terms for manufacturing representatives and distributors) that align individual/agency priorities with organizational priorities
  • Creating innovative sales & marketing programs, training modules, distributor councils and other management tools to actively promote two-way communication and encourage (demand) top performance
  • Implementing performance review criteria and schedules based on geographic target market data and peer performance benchmarking
  • Conducting formal brainstorm sessions at your facility, offsite or during national/international sales meetings to capture ideas for new products and new business development initiatives

Whether you need to establish a new channel network or improve an existing one, TekMark has experience working with multiple channel types, domestically and internationally. We employ proven practices and work closely with you to create and implement management tools and programs designed for your specific requirements.