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New Product Development

New products (including new technologies and new services) are one of the main engines for growth in most businesses. Developing a successful new product is challenging enough, but integrating an effective New Product Development (NPD) process could further differentiate you from your competition, improve your margins and enable long term sustainable growth.

"If you define a company by its products, it dies. You have to define it as a great culture that can create great products" —Jim Collins, Good To Great

Many successful companies set goals for their NPD process, i.e.: "25% of annual sales must be from new products introduced over the past 3 years." Although goals may vary depending on your markets and products, the message is the same - unless you formalize your NPD process and set aggressive organizational goals, you're not fully realizing the total potential of your R&D investment.

TekMark's NPD services range from facilitating a formal brainstorm session (many times conducted during annual sales meetings or industry conferences) that will generate new ideas for new products and services for your R&D group, to the development and integration of a formal, stage-gate, NPD process (from idea generation to post launch review).

We develop a process that is correctly sized for your business and generates results in a quick and effective manner. This process will reduce the impact of individual biases and encourage NPD strategies that are in the best interests of the company as a whole and increase your opportunity for long term, profitable growth.