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New Business Development

Whether it's through new products, new services, new markets, new applications or new business models, market leaders continue growing by constantly and pro-actively developing new business opportunities. If you . . .

  • Rely on too few customers or markets for the majority of your sales and need to diversify your customer base,
  • Desire to take existing products into new applications and/or markets,
  • Need to estimate the opportunities for a new technology to make informed investment and planning decisions,
  • Want to transfer technology developed internally, through an SBIR/STTR award or other funding source into commercial markets,
  • Operate in a relatively mature market with mature products,
  • Have a possible "disruptive" technology but are not sure how to package and market it . . .

. . . then you have an opportunity to chart a new course for future growth. TekMark can help you leverage existing products into new applications and markets. We can assess your new technologies and investigate potential markets for technology commercialization and product development. We bring seemingly gray areas of opportunity into clear view that enables you to make more informed investment, strategic, tactical and organizational decisions.

Whether your need is long term and strategic in nature and/or more tactical in nature and you need to develop new sales opportunities quickly, TekMark can guide and support your goals for new and profitable growth.