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Markets, Products & Services

Our experience spans a broad range of technical markets and products/services including:

NASA SBIR Programs - Military Platforms - Space Based Systems - Commercial Aviation

Advanced Software
Sensor system data fusion, unmanned systems operation, C4ISR, big data, enterprise systems

Chemical Process
Refinery - Petrochemical - Chemical - Oil & Gas

Semiconductor - Compound Semi - DSPs - PLDs - FPGAs - MEMs - THz
Printed Circuit Board - Liquid Crystal Display - Photomask - Hard Disk Drive
General Electronics Manufacturing & Test

Solar - Fuel Cells - Wind Turbines - Alternative Energy - Superconducting - Distributed Power - Oil & Natural Gas Production, Transmission, Distribution & Refining - Coal

General Process
Food & Beverage - Water/Wastewater - Pulp & Paper

Medical Device & Life Sciences
Medical Devices & Equipment - Orthopedic - MicroMachining
Spectrometers, Flow Cytometers, DNA Sequencers, Micro-plate Readers and similar instrumentation
Pharmaceutical - BioPhotonics - Laboratory Instruments

DOD, DARPA, etc. Agency Funded Programs
Homeland Security - Prime Defense Contractors

Optics & Photonics
Precision Optical Component Manufacturers - Spectroscopy OEMs -Lithography                          Lasers, LEDs & other photonic products

Manufacturing & General Industry
MicroMachining - Industrial Equipment - Machine Tool Manufacturers - Various OEMs

Research Community
University Research Labs - National Research Labs - Industry Consortiums

Products & Services

Electrical Capital Equipment
Semiconductor & Related Fab Processing Equipment
Test & Measurement Systems - Process Control Systems

Electronic Components
Semiconductors, MEMs, Opto-Electronics
RF & MW active, passive, other components and systems
Board level and other electronic components, T&M and other systems

General Manufacturing Equipment
Machine Tools - Automation - HVAC - OEMs

Software/Information Technology
FEA, CFD and other simulation & modeling software platforms
Sensor system data fusion, unmanned systems and multiple platform systems operation and integration
C4ISR - command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Data management, CADD/CAM, MRP, enterprise and other software products/support solutions

Test & Measurement - THz Systems - Power Supplies - Process Control

Optical Systems & Components
Optically Based Metrology Systems - Optical Components & Subsystems - Fiber Optic Sensors

Engineered & Mechanical Equipment
Pumps - Turbines - Compressors - Mixers - Valves - Mechanical Seals - Fittings - Flow Control Products & Systems

TekMark's principal consultants average over 20 years of technical and business management experience with companies similar to yours. Your principle consultant will typically have an engineering undergraduate degree and a Masters in Business along with experience specific to your market, your product, and/or your business requirements.

Depending on your preference and the nature of the project, we can work independently and not occupy much of your time or your staff's time, or we can work closely with you and your staff as an extension to your existing organization. Our proposals and work is structured with well-defined deliverables and timeframes to provide results that can be quickly implemented to generate near term new growth opportunities.