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Interim Management

Interim management is a quick and effective way to fill roles that are temporary or to fill important staffing positions when a permanent employee cannot be brought on board in a timely manner. Interim management programs are very flexible and tailored to your specific requirements - from one day per week on or off site, to a temporary full time role, or any arrangement in-between. Interim managers:

  • Are highly adept at working in a deliverables/deadline environment
  • Bring many years of experience with proven practices and processes that can be transferred to your organization
  • Will integrate into your current environment but not become biased and/or constrained by personalities or politics
  • Possess all the benefits of a good consultant but takes it one step further - implementation
  • Are an effective way to keep fully burdened head count down

Popular interim management roles include:

  • Program director for a new technology in development. Why hire a full time person if you are not sure if the technology will be viable or if the opportunity may not justify additional full time resources? An interim program manager can guide the technology from development to market launch and transition it into your existing organization . . . then leave . . . but be available in the future on an as needed basis.
  • Temporary direct sales-an agreed upon set hours per week or month to jump start the sales process, identify interested prospective customers, secure RFQs, and close orders. This is especially popular for our clients interested in jump starting the penetration of a new market but not wanting to upset current sales operations until the opportunity proves to be large enough or for smaller European firms who want to establish a sales presence in North America but cannot justify a full time, fully burdened position.
  • Executive and senior management sales & marketing position responsible for departments, business units or other programs until a full time candidate is found.
  • Change agent to facilitate, expedite and diplomatically "kick and prod" an organization to change in a manner that will help result in additional growth
  • Short term project managers for specific new business development initiatives
  • Quick hit mentoring & training programs to co-create and integrate formal new product development, new business development or strategic planning processes into your organization


Mentoring employs many of the same attributes of an interim management program but with the primary focus on teaching & coaching as opposed to doing. Many technology companies are very strong in technical talent but often have a shortage of personnel with formal business training and experience. 

You may have an employee who has an interest in taking more of a management role. Although they may be very strong technically they may need to develop capabilities on the "business" side of the business to complement their technical knowledge. TekMark can provide a mentor in a flexible part-time arrangement to coach, guide and instruct employees through many business processes including:

  • Effective ways to research, prioritize and penetrate new markets
  • The formal stages and requirements for successfully developing and introducing new products
  • Program management and leading a cross-functional project team
  • Identifying, hiring, and managing a manufacturer's rep, distributor or direct sales organization
  • Comprehensive sales & marketing strategy development and overall business planning