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Business Audit

Is your team moving in the same direction with the same goals and priorities?

Are you frustrated that your organization is not growing at the level expected?

Are you having trouble changing the culture to one with a more pro-active, risk taking and can-do attitude?

Are you confident you have the right people but not sure the organization is structured properly?

Are individual roles and responsibilities adequately defined and communicated?

Do you have the right technology, product and service mix for your currently targeted applications and markets?

Is your strategic plan and marketing plan effective?

Does your organization view your sales channel (rep, distributor, or direct) as a necessary evil instead of a powerful and differentiating advantage?

Are too many customers complaining of inadequate technical service and support?

If you are struggling with any of these issues or similar concerns, an outside and unbiased perspective is an invaluable and quick method of identifying the cause(s) and developing effective solutions.  Depending on your situation, TekMark's business audit can investigate your sales, marketing, technical service and other customer facing groups and activities.  Each is assessed to determine how well and effective they are in helping your entire organization meet your tactical and strategic goals.

Each audit is specifically designed to your current circumstances and requirements but most include one or more of the following:

  • Meetings and interviews with senior management to review current situation, program objectives, and review of processes and tools available for use
  • Individual employee interviews across a wide cross section of the workforce or departments to obtain perspectives from different viewpoints (also can include independent sales channel partners)
  • Focused surveys and formal brainstorm sessions for group input, suggestions for improvement, ownership awareness and development of a solution
  • Benchmarking against best practices across similar businesses and organizations
  • Summary of inputs and observations, gap analysis and recommendations to improve and move forward